We always provide your interests!

Our specialists are always at your disposal to help you to understand the issues of procurement of goods, relations with foreign partners, the banking and currency legislation, Contracts, delivery options, working with customs and tax reporting import / export

We can prepare a full value project of import of goods, which may include:

  • Step by step plan for procurement and supply management;
  • calculation of all costs - check vendor, purchase (transfer), insurance, transport, agents in ports, temporary storage, customs, delivery to the door;
  • risk assessment;
  • list of required and additional documents, including certification / state registration requirements of goods;
  • recommendations on risks and the expenditures reducing;
  • develop a strategy for suppliers and service providers survey.

As a result, you will receive:

  • a clear picture of your profitability;
  • image of supply management tools;\;
  • understanding of spent time and resources.
Even if you are not going to carry goods in the near future, the view from the outside of your processes of pricing and supply chain will show you the possibility of obtaining higher yields by reducing the expenditure side. We do not pretend to sell your products, so give an independent assessment of the performance of your buyers.