We available to provide our customers with the intermodal solutions best suited to meet their specific requirements.

Not all regions of the world are connected by direct transport links. But in some parts of the world we can find unique product offerings. How to combine different types of transport and not to lose without losing control of the carriage?

To address the complex issues related to multimodal transportation Luk IMPEX GmbH is:

  • extensive network of partners around the world, providing on-site supervision of agreed milestones transportation;
  • extensive database of proven and reliable suppliers of transport and warehousing services.

As part of the multi-modal transportation, we provide:

  • fence (pick-up) of goods in the factory of the supplier (supply of container to the factory, auto / train to the port of export, the formation team of the machine);
  • cargo transfer at the airport of departure, the customs export operations;
  • maritime transport;
  • port services at the reception;
  • overload on the train platform;
  • export to the door train or transporters;
  • receiving, sorting, storage on a remote warehouse in the south or the north of China, export clearance;
  • fence small-capacity transport and delivery to the customer's door.

Multimodal transport refers to a combination of at least two means of transport. This results in an integrated transport chain where the strength of each alternative is utilized. Main characteristics of multimodal transportation are transshipment terminals that allow efficient cargo handling between short-distance and long-distance traffic as well as application of standardized and reusable loading units. However, combined freight transport can be organized in different ways. In general, trucks cover short distances between the loading area and the transshipment point respectively between the place of arrival and the recipient. Long-distance haulage is conducted by other means of transport such as train, ship or even plane.

Regarding combined container transport, standardized loading units are transshipped along different means of transport. In doing so, various combinations of land, water, and air transportation are applied in practice. Trailer shipment (rail transport of trailers) refers to a combination of rail and road haulage. Three different modes can be identified.

The multimodal modes of transport basically combine the flexibility of trucks with economies of scale of such means of transport that are destined for long-distance forwarding. However, additional handling processes are cost and time consuming. The benefits of utilizing different means of transport ideally outweigh or even exceed the expenses. This mainly depends on the distance to be covered, the efficiency of transshipment points and the goods to be conveyed.

Found interesting offers in an unusual part of the world? We will find the opportunity to deliver your goods. If you are already willing to analyze the existing supply chain and to optimize logistics costs we are ready to fit your ambitions and offer multimodal solutions.