Luk IMPEX GmbH – our company is you guide to international markets.

The company has gone from the organization and maintenance of our own trade flows until becoming a fully independent company that provides the full range of services related to international transport, customs clearance, banking support of transactions, legal support of foreign economic activity.

What we do

Our company has analyzed the experience gained by several dozens of companies working in the field of foreign trade (as well as professionals experience in this market, and the feedback obtained from usual customers of the retail store to the distribution network). Together with our partners from around the world, we conducted an analysis of the problems the customers have faced, as well as the success they have achieved. That is why our company can confidently offer you a comprehensive and practical support on any matter in the field of foreign trade.

Luk IMPEX GmbH is one of the few companies who provides comprehensive solutions for a wide rangу ща challenges that our customers have to face. Basically our employees are not only consultants and rely not only on theoretical knowledge, but on a long-standing practice for clearance import / export, legal regulation, the implementation of traffic, the introduction of information technology, and even work in foreign companies they have behind.

How we work

Our team is ready to provide a number of services that free you from facing the challenges of international trading. In this regard, we are ready to assume the responsibilities of procurement departments, foreign trade, supply and logistics.

We are convinced that one of the main goals of any company - to provide the competitive price of its products. And we have extensive experience to reduce costs in the supply of goods. There are several options of our participation in your supply chain.

Our advantages

Working with us, you can count on a clear picture of the pricing of imported / exported goods. We comply with strict confidentiality.

If you are seriously focused on opening new horizons for the development of your business we could become an ideal partner for you.